Build an App with Zurmo Custom Platform

Zurmo was created to be the best gamified CRM on the planet. A new kind of CRM that motivates users by recognizing them for their achievements and facilitates friendly competition among co workers.

Over the past couple of years as the application has grown, we have noticed that another need for Zurmo has arisen from our Open Source community.

It started pretty early on when developers came to us with plans to use Zurmo as a platform from which to build – which at the time occasionally sounded pretty outrageous – other kinds of applications.

These initial developers were attracted to two different aspects of Zurmo: 1) The Open Source, test driven development qualities of the software’s architecture, and; 2) The fact that Gamification is built directly into the core foundation of the application.

As a start up, we like to believe that we are well acquainted with the notion of pivoting. This is not restricted to only flexibility around our business or our core offerings. It also includes flexibility on how Zurmo may be used by other organizations. The gamut is wide.

Some interesting examples include the following:

– Use of the application as a platform by a political party for gamifying the process of rallying its constituents.

– The center of gravity for a real estate investment firm researching and analyzing opportunities in foreclosed markets based on integrated property listing and local county auction data.

– The main Platform used by a UK rugby team to manage its players, fans, and sponsors.

- A tool used by a tech company to manage cloud solutions for the US Federal Government

The examples above really have very little in common with one another. When it comes to customizing Zurmo, just about anything is fair game.

But there is some method behind the madness. Some sticky glue that ties everyone together. Gamification and adherence to the highly disciplined software engineering method of test driven development are most always common denominators.

The point is, Zurmo is a platform from which many successful applications have and will continue to be built.

If you dream about building your own software application, consider Zurmo as a foundation to get there. Together with our dedicated community, we’ll help you realize your dream.

How to get your feet wet:

- Make yourself known on the Forums

- Attend a Zurmo Dev Session

- Download the app

- Follow customization examples like customizing the app for invoicing. A very basic tutorial example to check out is “Bill of Materials for Opportunities”.

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  • Mike Irene

    Makes perfect sense. The Zurmo team done a great job in creating a user-friendly platform with a brilliant UI. Problem is some key enablers such as the Module Builder and Field Level Security are at the bottom of this year’s delivery schedule. Pulling this forward a bit and letting the community create modules and value-added verticals will help you propel Zurmo to the next level.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      We are developing as fast as we can. We will have Module Maker later on this year. If I could stop time to do everything at once, believe me, I would.