Zurmo Uses PhpStorm to Streamline Development

Recently, the Zurmo development team standardized on PhpStorm offered by JetBrains. So far, the team is raving about the results. Unlike other IDE’s, such as Eclipse, PhpStorm is fast and does not get slow over time. Since all developers are using the same thing, it is easier to collaborate and increase velocity on dev cycles.

A number of features help save our developers time, such as the ability to fold code and quickly search for usage of various classes and methods. Also, the find/replace functionality has put a big smile on the faces of our development team. The terminal feature is also great because our team usually works on a number of Zurmo tasks at same time. Having terminal integrated with the IDE makes development faster because we do not need to switch between a few screens to find related terminal (Command Prompt) where we will execute the unit test, Mercurial command, or something else related to the project. VCS integration is also helpful so we can see file history within IDE, changes, etc.

Overall, PhpStorm offered by JetBrains has yielded enormous results and our team is delighted to use it.

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