File Attachments

After review, I have decided we are going to store attachments in the database instead of the file system. This will make it much easier to deal with setting up load-balanced web-servers for global deployments.  It makes the back-up regiment easier to control since all data will be in the database.  I might set up a separate database just for attachments. TBD.

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  • Ty

    I just ran across your site as I am doing research on companies implementing applications using the Yii framework. I am curious, are you using or are you considering using a NoSQL DB such as MongoDB for these types of Unstructured Data instead of the relational DB of MySQL?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      We are focusing on MySQL for now and might consider using a NoSQL DB in the future or perhaps make Zurmo supported on MongoDB. With the velocity of our development releases and features we are publishing, we have our hands full and will not do to much with other DB’s for the time being.