Script for Stress Tests using Apache Benchmark Tool

Ivica, one of the core developers at Zurmo, has created a script that creates stress tests. Tests are done using the Apache Benchmark tool. We created tests via the Zurmo API.

We set up 50 tests per module, and 10 concurrent request at a time (right now we have stress tests
only for Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities, but we will be adding tests for more modules).

For a CRM system, it is unlikely that there would ever be more than a few concurrent users, so these tests are very strict. Real results would be better, because for each test, we need to login via the API, then search for particular items.

Stress test url:

More about stress testing from Wikipedia:

Main article: stress testing (software)

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  • ChrisChristoff

    Not the same one as from Jigoshop?