Advanced CRM Reporting in Version 1.5

It has happened. We have completed our powerful Reporting tool and added it into version 1.5.

Users can now create reports in Zurmo based on virtually any CRM data stemming from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Meetings, Notes, Opportunities, or Tasks. Filters are simply dragged and dropped to create a report structure. Custom reports can be saved, shared with other users, and generated on demand.

Use Case Example: A Marketing Manager would like to closely gauge the ongoing progress of a campaign targeting healthcare companies in Chicago. He creates a report based on opportunities that have “Closed Won” for Accounts located in the specified region. He selects “Insurance” as the filtered industry. He includes the campaign in question and sets other parameters including dates, amounts, etc. He runs the report on a regular basis to ensure sufficient Return on Investment is being achieved through the campaign. Now he has a clear visualization of sales fluctuations based on the criteria he has selected, and can tweak his campaign as needed.

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