Advanced Notifications

Choose how you would like to be notified by Zurmo and never miss any crucial details with helpful notifications to let you know when important actions are taken. Take control over a variety of options to decide when and where you would like to be informed of what’s happening in your CRM!

To customize what you receive from Zurmo head over to, and click on, your user profile in the top right hand corner of the page. Then, click on the Configuration tab and ‘Notifications.’

In the notifications configuration section you can choose which notifications you would like to receive and whether or not to send them to your email or to your Zurmo inbox. Make selections by checking the appropriate boxes.

Depending on the level of user access options will vary. All users have notification options on the following sections:  conversations, email messages, exports, missions, tasks and projects. The all-powerful super user admins also have access to game rewards, job managers and workflows. See below for a breakdown of each of these options to help you decide what you want to hear about from Zurmo.


Stay in the loop! Choose to receive a notification when you are invited to participate in a new conversation, and/or every time a new message is posted in a conversation that you’re a participant of.

Email messages

Opt to receive a notification when an email that you have archived cannot be matched to any record in the CRM. Super users also have the option to receive a notification when the owner of the message does not exist! Nope, it’s not referring to a ghost or to the invisible man (sorry to disappoint) but when a non-Zurmo user attempts to archive an email.


Waiting around wondering when your exported data is ready? Not any more!

Game rewards (Super users only)

Be first to congratulate Zurmo users on outstanding work in using best practices and engaging with the CRM when a well-earned reward is redeemed.

Job Managers (Super users only)

Every good manager has their finger on the pulse! Receive notifications on important events pertaining to Zurmo jobs. Opt to receive a notification when a scheduled job completed with errors, or when any scheduled jobs or monitor jobs get stuck. Also, make sure you always have the latest version of Zurmo by receiving a notification when a newer stable version is available.


Everyone enjoys the overwhelming sense of achievement that you get from completing a mission (and beating your colleagues in doing so!) Now it’s very much Mission:Possible by ensuring that you receive crucial notifications which help you get a head start on the competition. Choose to receive a notification when a user adds a comment to one of your existing missions, when the status of a mission has been changed, and/or when a new mission becomes available.

Workflows (Super users only)

A stuttering workflow is no good to anyone. Receive notifications when a possible workflow loop occurs when the maximum depth has been reached for workflow processing, and/or when the workflow requires attention because of a validity issue.


There are a few notifications you can receive with tasks which really help you to keep on top of things. You can opt to receive a notification when another user accepts a story that you own and/or when someone delivers a story that you have requested. You can also choose to be informed when a new task has been assigned to you and/or when a story that you own is rejected by another user. Finally, opt to be notified when any new comments are made to a task that you are following, or when the owner changes on a task that you have requested.


Project notifications encourage the sort of attention and organisation that any good project requires. You can receive a notification when a Project is archived, when a new Project is added, and/or when another user adds a new task to a Project that you own.

So, login to Zurmo 3.0 today and start choosing how and where you want to be notified about everything that’s happening in your CRM!


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