Are you giving your important leads and contacts the all-star treatment?

Without the right conditions a little acorn will never grow into a mighty oak tree. So how can we ensure that we’re providing our little acorn with the everything that it needs?

Well at Zurmo we don’t deal with acorns, but we do deal with people and there’s a similar issue. How do we ensure that our leads are getting the TLC that they need to develop into opportunities? That’s an easier question to answer. Make them super stars.

For current leads, simply click on the greyed out icon next to the lead’s name and it will transform into a dazzling gold star. To star a new lead, create the lead account as you would normally do, and then on the ‘details’ of the lead page you will need to click on the greyed out star to the right hand side of the name.

Why star leads though? Another easy question. With starred leads you can really keep a track of those with the greatest potential. Search for them quickly and easily by clicking on the star next to the ‘Name’ search option in our list view of contacts. Starring your leads will take you less than 2 seconds and could be the difference between creating a veritable business opportunity and not.

Starring can of course also be applied to contacts. If you have a client that requires special attention then make sure you give it to them by making them a star player. With the benefit of having all of your super stars in one view you can really keep your eye on each one, taking care to go through record by record to read up on notes and check their latest activities.

And hey, by starring leads and contacts there could be a trophy in it for you.

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