Find Out Who is Slipping Away…

As a CRM user in the trenches on a day to day basis, it is oftentimes difficult to determine which Leads or Contacts are getting cold. Perhaps you have a feeling you have been a bit neglectful to a bunch of Leads, especially the guys you met last month at the trade show. You had a wild time at the San Francisco ‘Data World’ conference, but you are so behind after being out of the office that you have not had a chance to reach out. If this sounds like your world, Zurmo’s new ‘Latest Activity’ feature will make life so much better.

In the detail view of a record, you will notice a ‘Latest Activity’ date stamp:Contact_Detail_View
This date stamp is updated anytime a task, note, email, or meeting is completed:
Latest Activity Update

Since all of these activities are touch points, ‘Latest Activity’ allows you to easily track which Leads or Contacts are getting colder. Instead of relying on gut feels, run a report to see who has not been reached out to in the longest time and might be slipping away:
Latest Activity Report

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  • wzcom

    Hi, it keeps happening to me that I have an e-mail archived under certain Contact, but the latest activity stamp is not updated. So I see the acitivity under the contact, but it still says “Latest activity never”

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