Zurmo Adds Shared Calendar in 2.7

One of my friends mentioned that he uses a shared calendar with his wife in order to organize their schedules. It’s unfortunate that our lives today are so busy that we need a shared calendar with our spouse in order to ensure our golf outing with the guys doesn’t clash with dinner at the in-laws.

In Zurmo 2.7, the calendar gets some major improvements:

Shared Calendar

shared calendar

  1. Calendar Gadget with today’s date selected as default in the left panel. By clicking any date in the gadget, the calendar for the date would be loaded in the day view.

  2. My Calendars shows the saved calendars the user has created

  3. My Shared Calendars shows the calendars the user has subscribed to

  4. The full calendar widget in the right panel provides the following:

    a. Month, Week, and Day navigation

    b. Next and Previous navigation allows for viewing a past or future month view

    c. Today view shows today’s meetings

    d. There is a maximum number of 5 daily items that can be displayed in any cell. If there are more than 5 items, a “More Events” link is displayed and the additional items can be viewed.

    e. By clicking on any item in the calendar, the details are displayed along with the ability to edit. The items loaded in the calendar would be identified by the color corresponding to the calendar which would be displayed as a square box against the Calendar name in My Saved Calendar/My Shared Calendars.

shared calendar2Users can subscribe to a shared calendar if available. On selection of the calendar, it can be added to the My Shared Calendar list.

shared calendar3Users can unsubscribe to this calendar by selecting the “unsubscribe link” in the options available against the calendar in the list.

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  • http://www.vansevenant.ca/ Dion V

    This is a feature we have been waiting almost a year for. The delays have been crazy-making. As of April 14, the April 8 release of 2.7 hasn’t appeared in the Downloads area. Please keep us updated.

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  • Kevin Hetrick

    Seems strange that you can’t add meetings or tasks from the calendar page…

  • Don Robertson

    How do I share a calendar? Are they only shared within Zurmo, or is there an external link so people can use another application? Can I import events from an external calendar – or does my wife have to use what I tell her to use? Wouldn’t it be easier to tell her to stay home unless I’ve given her permission to leave?

    And why does it not default to today/this month/this week or even the last period looked at? Can I change the date formats from the american style 4/29 to the one consistent with my language settings?

    • Sam Goddard

      Totally! Can’t see how to do it!

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  • Dean Mitchell

    Is there a reason why we are getting double appointments for everything? How do I resolve it?