Customize Themes in Zurmo

Let’s say you grew up in Chicago all your life and your dad was a die-hard Chicago Bears fan. You watched all the games growing up and went through the ups and downs of your beloved franchise. You still have the ’85 Superbowl on VHS and you can memorize the Super Bowl shuffle by heart. Wouldn’t you want your CRM to reflect the blue and orange of the Monsters of the Midway? If so, Zurmo’s Custom Theme Maker will allow you to create your own custom theme picker.
bears theme

In the Administration area, under User Interface Configuration, you can make your own custom theme for your users.
custom_theme_makerYou can also force users to all use the same theme if you have that requirement (this means you can stick it to the Packers fans you work with…).

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  • Vincent

    Good feature, well done.
    Will you consider adding a template ‘Designer’ someday, so admin can change/move around ‘placeholders’ for the various data fields?

  • powderbomber

    i have zurmo 2.7.1 installed but I cannot for the life of me find this menu. am i blind?

  • Jordan Colaruotolo

    I deployed Zurmo yesterday for use as an internal company portal and less a CRM. I cannot get the theme changes to stick. The theme is applied when selected but it default to the standard colors on the next screen. This happens in the UI config and when changing themes under a user profile. I can find no real documentation for anything, and nothing in the “community” forums. CSS applies with no errors, everything checks out. Any thoughts?

  • stuartrussell74

    i have 2.8 and the custom colors will not save, actually none save even though they change when clicked.