Zurmo 3.1.0 Improvements: Tag team in Conversations!

Great new features and improvements are coming with Zurmo 3.1.0, scheduled for release at the end of December! Let’s take a look at the new and improved Conversations…

The Social CRM has always been a great way for co-workers to share useful information without the clutter of emails. Now, with new release of CRM.me that has become even easier and more intuitive.

When adding a comment to a Conversation you can tag other members of your team. Simply type ‘@’ and as you begin to type your colleague’s name CRM.me will throw up suggestions of the person you want to tag into the conversation, providing of course they have permission to view/edit the record in question.

Well what’s in it for your tagged team member? Tagged users instantly become ‘participants’ in the conversation and receive a notification letting them know that their 2 cents are desired!

And what’s more, you can also mention users in Tasks, Social Posts and Missions. Now there’s no excuse for anyone being out of the loop…

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