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With the release of Zurmo 2.0, Email Marketing has made its way into the freely downloadable Open Source application. Let’s explore how sending out an email marketing campaign works in Zurmo, using a simple three step process and a fun use case example.

Jeff is a Marketing Manager for Adventures Verdes (AV), a small firm that sells ecotourism travel tours. Recently AV announced a trip to Argentine Patagonia in September of 2014 and Jeff would like to send out an email to people who might be interested.

So let’s take a look at how he would go about doing this:


Jeff could send an email to every single person in his CRM, but he knows better than to do that. He realizes that there is nothing more obnoxious than constantly receiving emails from the same organization. Especially when they are not relevant emails. There is nothing that screams “unsubscribe” louder than spam blasts.

But of course, since Jeff uses email marketing properly and understands the importance of segmentation, he is going to send his email to a group of people who would really be interested in receiving it. He runs a report to find people who have expressed interest in trips to South America, who tend to book trips during the Autumn months, and who are cool with receiving his email blasts.


Now that he’s selected his group of relevant recipients, it’s time for Jeff to get his creative juices flowing and create the email. It’s great that he has first put some thought into who will be receiving the message, because he can try to imagine how the readers will react. Jeff is all about best practice email marketing….

email template travel1

After Jeff perfects his email template (note that he is still perfecting in the screenshot above…), he saves both HTML and plain text versions. He can personalize the email by adding a merge tag line such as Dear [[FIRST^NAME]] so that the email includes a recipient name. You can read more about creating email templates here.


The next step is to launch the campaign, like a rocket into space. It’s pretty straightforward and the system guides Jeff along the flight path so he doesn’t end up crashing ten miles offshore, like a North Korean missile.

Finally, once the email campaign has been executed, Jeff can look at real time analytics from his Marketing Dashboard:


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  • Lehner Viktor


  • Inbound Marketing Expert

    Awesome Job!

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  • ctjustice

    Can’t wait to try. What happens with soft/hard bounces? How are opt-outs handled? I assume you can drop ‘fields’ into the template and have them populate automatically, like name, account number, etc. Coola!

    • Stafford McKay

      Thanks for the enthusiasm. Bounce handling is managed under the configuration settings in the Admin area. Opt outs are required and inserted into every email campaign. You can insert fields through merge tags. Hope that helps!

      • missyb

        As a Marketing Director I would like to set up a drip email campaign that my sales staff can use by assigning a lead/contact to a list but I would like the email to be sent to our clients from the sales person – not a generic company name. Is this possible?

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  • Lehner Viktor

    i did not find how can i make an email template , this demo version

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  • Wolfgang DeLaurentis

    Nicely done, we’re using it to market to automotive dealerships and it works like a charm!

  • Wolfgang DeLaurentis

    Example of what we had sent!

  • Dom Boyd

    My brother just started to learn about mail advertising . He was telling me all about it last night at dinner with my family. He made me realize this would be a really great step for my small business. I will have to research this more and see how it works. These 3 step guide has been a big help. I really appreciate it when things are simplified, and this was perfect.

  • Gabriel Goldstein

    Has anyone been able to configure a drip campaign in the community version?

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  • Jay

    Zurmo is amazing! hope they still continue to developer this beautiful crm.

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