New Email Template Builder Adds Spice to Marketing Engine

So not everyone likes spicy food (even in a Latin American country like Costa Rica, which I found kind of strange…), but we all can appreciate when something gets an extra touch of goodness. The new Email Template Builder has that extra touch in the upcoming 2.7 release.

Here is a preview:

1. When building your Email Template, you have the option to select a base layout. Right now, we support 6 predefined layouts with different presets. The idea is to pick a predefined layout and change a few style options such as text or images. If you want more control, you can use the Blank predefined layout.
Select Layout

2. This is where the spice really hits your tongue… On the left side you have a listing of available elements that you can drag and drop to the right side (canvas). Each element has its own content and settings. When you hover over an element you see the available actions you can do with it. Canvas
3. Need more styling options? In Canvas Configuration, you can change options around color, text, and border.
Canvas Configuration
4. Take a peek at your final creation by viewing the Preview
Email Preview
The new Email Template Builder gives Zurmo a major boost for putting together your next email marketing blast.

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