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Often when we talk about a new CRM feature it is best to do so within the context of use case. To explain why we have added email templates to Zurmo’s latest 1.5 release, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario involving a sales rep (we’ll call him Ned) who works for a scuba diving certification school (let’s call it No Bends Scuba School) on a small Caribbean island.

It might sound kind of boring but, Ned’s job is to answer the sales phone at the school. He’s not complaining though because he is training to be an instructor himself and answering the phone is getting him ramped on the kinds of questions students ask.

Ned is sharp however and after a couple of months he has realized that the vast majority of calls can be broken down into 4 categories:   1) Absolute beginners asking about courses 2) People who need to get re-certified or have had some classes, but need a refresher 3) Certified divers who want to join an expedition 4) Certified divers who want to become instructors.

After answering the same questions over and over, Ned realized he could write up and send a template response in all four situations. This not only helps Ned finish up early so he can make the afternoon dive, it also helps him be certain he is remembering to offer all the relevant bits of information to the people calling.

Let’s review Ned’s use case and how templates help him do a better job as a sales rep. His primary responsibility is to get the sales process rolling with incoming leads. Through the initial conversation Ned asks questions that help him categorize each lead. He takes notes during the call and creates a lead record in Zurmo. Next he sends a follow up email to the caller. To do this, he has a neat list of template emails that he can send to each category of caller.

Let’s suppose he gets a call from Erik, an absolute beginner. Ned learns that Erik will be visiting the island next month and would like to get certified. Ned takes down Erik’s information and when he’s off the phone, he drafts an email based on template #1 (beginners).

The template looks something like this:

Dear Name,

It was great talking with you today on the phone. I am sure you will get a lot out of scuba lessons. We have a beginner’s class during the time you will be here in fill in month. The class will be taught by instructor and will depart our docks every morning at 8AM….

Ned fills in the blanks and presto, Erik has all the information he needs.

This is a pretty straightforward use case, but the same process can be used in just about any organization. Whether you have 4 categories of customers or 400, templates help your team save time and ensure delivery of relevant information to your prospective and current customers. With our 1.5 release, we are pleased to announce that you too can create your own email templates and store them in Zurmo for easy access.

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  • bopert

    This is a good example, and the use case is clearly explained. But what could be helpful is to go into greater detail on the “hows” and “wheres” in Zurmo to execute such. For example, you mention that templates can be stored in Zurmo, but where? How exactly are they accessed?

    Also, what if Ned wants to reply to emails in batch? Can Zurmo pull the field into the template. and send multiple replies at once?

    This is where things get really powerful, and massive time savings can be enjoyed.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Ray Stoeckicht

    For email templates, go to Marketing-> Templates or Marketing-> Create-> Create Template. If you want to create an email template for a workflow, go to Settings-> Workflows-> Templates or Settings-> Workflows-> Create-> Create Template.

    You can only use email templates when sending a Campaign, using an Autoresponder, or sending a workflow that has an email message.

    Yes, you can use the first name of a Lead/Contact by utilizing merge tags (see MergeTag Guide by creating an email template.) If you want Ned to receive 1 email a week for 2 months, you can do that by using Autoresponders.

  • Amy

    How to get the menu bar at top at Zurmo when we do editing on the email template..? please advice. Thank You.