Example of how Test Driven Development pays off

Here is a real life example of how 1000+ unit tests pays off.  Yesterday a user found a bug with the homepage “My Tasks” portlet. The portlet was configured to show only “open” tasks and not completed tasks, but the bug allowed completed tasks to show.  The bug was addressed and a fix was applied, however, this created a new bug, which was discovered because of one of the walkthrough tests.

Let’s imagine what would have happened if there was no testing in place.  First, we would have assumed that the original bug was fixed and deployed it.  Second, the new bug would have been found by an end user because it was very obscure.  Third, we would have had an extra ticket via support that needed to be replicated, troubleshot, and resolved.

With Test Driven Development in place, all these steps are avoided and the quality of the Zurmo code is immediately improved, while reducing end user frustrations.  No longer do you need a team of 10 QA developers manually clicking through the application across 8 server configs each time new code is checked in. Costs of QA and support can amount to a staggering total, but with automated testing, these costs are greatly reduced.  For developers building a system on Zurmo, all of these benefits flow to you and your end users.

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