Gamification Phase II is here

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of phase II Gamification with the release of Zurmo 2.5. Right off the bat, our users will notice the new Gamification Dashboard. Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words. So let’s let it speak for itself:


Next up: Collections. These are a fun addition to Zurmo that encourage users to explore the application. When navigating through Zurmo, expect to earn collection items in random hidden corners. Are you just one rabbit in the hat away from completing the circus collection? If you are a user who tends to stick to only one part of the application (like the Marketing Module, for example), maybe you should start exploring some other areas. Pick up unexpected souvenirs along the way and show off your completed collections.


Not only do users get recognition for completing collections, they also earn coins. Coins add an interesting dynamic to Zurmo by allowing for the purchase of virtual goods as well as real incentives such as gift cards and rewards. These rewards are customized by each company as they see fit. Coins are earned by completing collections, leveling up, and even randomly discovering them hidden around the application.


Time to cash out your coins? Claim a Reward. You can view rewards available for redemption by clicking the Redeem link from your Gamification dashboard.


That sums up Gamification Phase II, as included in Zurmo 2.5. Let’s review the main components:

1) Game Dashboard: Presents Gamification elements in a cool way that recognizes accomplishments, shows off collections, etc. The User Experience on this page is meant to be fun, colorful, and serve as a diversion from the rest of the app.

2) Collections: A series of items randomly dished out throughout the app. Complete a collection to redeem a coin. Collections are meant to encourage users to explore different parts of Zurmo that they otherwise may not.

3) Coins: Earned by: Randomly finding them in the application – (be sure to click on them to collect them!), Completing Collections, and Leveling up.

4) Rewards: Redeem them for goods set by each company / administrator.

Main take away from Gamification II? It is so easy to get stuck in one module / area. We want people exploring Zurmo and trying out new parts of the application. Collections and Coins  are meant to encourage exploration, which we believe leads to better user adoption and understanding of the entire application.

We have finally added the option to include tangible rewards. While we fully recognize the difference between extrinsic and instrinsic motivations for using the app, it can’t be denied that a gift card can incentivize  users to do things they otherwise would not do.

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  • connectgo

    This is a good start, I’m hoping Gamification Phase 3 (or 4 or 5) includes allowing easy customization of rewards for actions, coins, custom badges, and creation of new custom competitions, that would really take things to the next level. I think some new users initially think this kind of gaming is already here in Zurmo.