Google Apps Connector for Zurmo

With the release of Zurmo 2.2, the next generation Open Source CRM is now integrated with Google Apps. Let’s look at a hypothetical use case of how the marriage of Zurmo with Google will benefit Ross, an organic hydroponics tomato farmer in Northern Michigan.

Background: Ross has a hydroponic tomato farm. His perfectly ripe tomatoes are sold to restaurants and upper end food distributors in the Midwest. Ross has always been a fan of Gmail and Google Calendar. These have been the main tools he’s used to manage his business. Up until recently that has worked, but over the past few months he’s desperately needed a better database to keep track of his customers.

How can Ross use his exisitng Google apps with Zurmo?

Archive emails from Gmail

When Ross writes Jeannine, the owner of the Little Lakeside Inn to ask her what her Autumn tomato order might look like, he uses Gmail. Jeannine (Contact), and the Little Lakeside Inn (Account), are both records in Ross’s instance of Zurmo. Once Ross sends the email, Jeannine’s contact record is updated with an archived copy of the message. This is useful as it lets Ross keep track of all the communication and interactions he’s ever had with Jeannine. When Jeannine writes back with her order, Ross logs it in Zurmo and the expected revenue becomes part of his sales projections for the season.

email to Jeannine1 email to Jeannine2

Create a new Contact or Lead in Zurmo from Gmail

Jeannine writes Ross back, letting him know that she expects to order 100 pounds of tomatoes over the course of the next two months.

But she also lets him know about her brother-in-law Jeff, who is planning on opening a small restaurant nearby next year. Jeanine writes an email to Jeff and Ross, introducing the two. From within Gmail, Ross creates a new Lead in Zurmo based on the information he has been given about Jeff. The record he creates straight from Gmail includes name, status, phone email address, etc. Ross writes Jeff back, and of course his email is archived in Zurmo under Jeff’s record.

email to jeff

create jeff

Sync Calendar within Zurmo to Calendar in Google

Now Ross can assign himself a task to follow up with Jeff in six months when he might be ready to place an order before his restaurant opens. He can also schedule an appointment with Jeff.

Do you remember appointments that are scheduled six months down the line? Neither does Ross. The task that he has created – “Follow up with Jeff” – shows up in two places: 1) under the Lead record Ross has created for Jeff in Zurmo; and 2) in Ross’s Google Calender. Any updates or changes made in Zurmo will be reflected in both places.

cal item in gmail


Sync Contacts within Zurmo to Contacts in Google

Finally, once Ross has been alerted six months later that it is time to reach out to Jeff, he learns that Jeff’s wife Camilla is going to be handling the produce purchasing. No problem. Ross converts Jeff from a Lead to a Contact, creates an Account (Jeff and Camilla’s Tavern), and creates a new Contact for Camilla. His Google Contact list is updated with the addition.

Here’s how she looks in Google:


And here is how she looks in Zurmo:


Voila. Ross has successfully used Zurmo and Google to grow his business. Easy as smashed tomatoes.

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  • Dion V

    Ooooo! Can’t wait to play with this.

    • Dion V

      Re-read the details from the official 2.2 announcement. This is only available in the commercial release, is that correct?

      • Ray Stoeckicht


        • f1sounddj

          Any chance this will become available in the non commercial version?

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            not really

          • Rahul Prasad

            What if someone makes a similar module and makes a pull-request. Will you officially merge that feature ?

          • Ray Stoeckicht

            We appreciate pull requests for bug fixes and if someone had a feature that would benefit the app, we would gladly review. It would be up to our technical team to determine if it would be merged with the main repo.

          • JeremyR

            They would only steal it and release it in the paid version, claiming “it may need support”

            need a 3rd party community website for plugins

          • Joshua Bruno

            they’re trying to make $, not change the game.

          • Glenn Kelley

            If this is open source- perhaps it is time for us to investigate and then drop in our own code.. some of the things we are looking to do I do not think would be that difficult. . .

            Peeking @ the current system @ least – feels like it should not be.

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  • Linux World

    I thought I had found the right CRM since I need this feature for my small biz, but I host my apps on my own server. I would have been more than happy to donate to your project for being able to use your app on my server and why not help spread the word through Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, etc. I am sure a lot of people would agree.
    I believe you guys are losing by not having this feature available for the Community version as I am sure there are many people who don’t know about Zurmo and are not technical who would sign up for the Commercial version. But how can we the Community users recommend a tool that we cannot fully use?
    There are other ways to attract customers and make money, but I don’t think limiting the Community is a good tactic; on the contrary, it could be counterproductive.

    Heads up and good luck with your project!

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Thank you for the feedback. We decided to put all integrations in the Pro version because they require support. I know that may be seen as limiting the Community Edition, but we would prefer to keep features that require support in the Pro version

      • Matrix

        I guess forums are meant for asking questions for community version users? At least this is how it works on any other community software.

      • Michael Tunnell

        This is very disappointing and ridiculously hypocritical to videos Zurmo has made claiming that y’all hate when people cripple software but then you go and do it. I thought I found the solution and now I’m just disappointed.

        I would happily pay for this feature in terms of purchasing it to add to my self-hosted solution but the fact that it only comes with Zurmo hosted is disheartening. I wanted Zurmo BECAUSE it offered self-hosted option and I can control the data myself but now…I don’t know.

    • daletnyc

      I have to agree. I was starting to get excited about Zurmo. But I can’t do simple integrations for the CE then forget it. Saying it requires support is weak.

  • ubuntu-user

    hi, i cannot find the sync with my google-calendar in zurmo 2.6.5. could you tell me how to configure please?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Are you using the Community Edition or Pro version? Google apps integration is only available on the Pro version:

      • ubuntu-user

        oh, what a pitty! i am using the community-edition. is there a possibility to sync zurmo with the thunderbird-calendar-addon lightning? or with any other caldav-client? will google-calendar-sync become part of the community-edition?

        one more question (i am very new to zurmo, testing since yesterday): how can i manage recalls? e.g. i had a call to someone and i want to call him again in five days, how to make a note? what to do to get notified in five days?

  • Chris Allen

    This article needs to make it clearer that this functionality is only available in the Pro version. That would save people from reading it and getting pissed off, like everyone in this thread, me included. At present, this article serves no positive purpose. The only message it delivers is one of carrot dangling.

    • Absolem Lee

      I couldn’t agree more …

  • Owen Dessauer

    I also have to agree, making all these integration’s only available in the paid version is not only unfortunate, it’s hypocritical for an open source solution, and the “requires support” rationale is weak. Not at all in the FOSS spirit! If you must charge something, I think a better way would be to could charge a one time fee for each connector. You could also simply offer paid support on an as needed basis! But making them only available with a $32/mo commercial subscription is disappointing to say the least.

  • James

    Is this still Commercial only?

    • Ray Stoeckicht


      • Richard Thomas

        We also host our own instance of Zurmo. It’s a real pity that this isn’t a purchasable module as we would buy it.

        The pricing for the hosted versions Zurmo is way too high. If it were a more reasonable amount in line with some of its competitors ($10.00 US per user per month for instance), we would consider it.

  • Mobetman

    Must agree with most of the people on this thread that this component should be available for purchase similar to modules you might buy for SugarCRM.

    Not having Google Apps integration is the only reason we’re not using Zurmo. I love the software but without the integration it’s a no go.

  • Burke Allen

    the very first sentence of this article is false, “With the release of Zurmo 2.2, the next generation Open Source CRM is now integrated with Google Apps. ” these features are not part of the open source release of Zurmo. if you guys really want this to take off, you need to create a marketplace and then make these types of things available in the marketplace if you want and rightfully should make money off of these features. just do not falsely promote these types of features in the community/open source versions when they are clearly not there.

    I would love to collaborate with others on bringing this capability to the open source version.

  • Alex Benedek

    Guys i thought that’s what i was looking for only to find false claims of functionality, stripped down community version and ridiculous pricing for the hosted version … Basically, no one can ever rely on the simple community version, too bad , i am a small business owner now and been CIO for a decade… for 100 to 500 employees companies. I wish you had it right :( `
    Maybe a company cannot live from $5 per user like Google (Apps) do … too bad cause until then no breakthrough will happen

  • Lucky Luke

    How can I get this on my free version of Zurmo (3.0.4)

    • André H Fauth

      Interested too.

  • Eddie Ryce

    HI. My company has the opensource code of Zurmo, we are migrating away from Salesforce. I have insisted that we need Google apps intergration as this makes my life easier. As I understand this is available in a team addition. can someone let me know the costs involved in this?

  • Paul Green

    That’s such a shame – I’m busy trialling Zurmo now, and like many others we self-host our apps. I really wish this were available in the Community edition of the software – The main thing that would be useful for me is the calendar – if anyone has come up with a third party integration, let me know and lets chat.

  • Paulina Stopa

    Is this still Commercial only? We really need a paid addon for comunity version… Please.

  • With Connect

    Nice Information For Google alert and notification…