Google Web Tracking added to Zurmo

Roy has a business that finds and sells rare parts for old wooden boats. His website lists the various things he can locate for his customers. One of his customers is Charlie, who owns a refinishing shop at the Lee-Land Lake Marina. Charlie’s winter project is a 1938 Chris Craft Clipper Cruiser called the Swan Bee. She needs some new parts like a new cabin windshield, a step pad, and a name plate.

Roy uses Zurmo and has installed the Google Analytics tracker on his site, which is integrated with his CRM. This is useful because it allows him to see what pages his registered customers are visiting. Let’s explain how that works using Charlie as an example.

Charlie is a registered customer of Roy’s. He has contacted Roy in the past and signed up to receive his newsletter. At one point, maybe to subscribe to the newsletter, Charlie completed a webform on Roy’s website. The webform contained a cookie that was downloaded onto his computer. The cookie has a unique ID that corresponds to Charlie’s record in Roy’s CRM.

Charlie has recently been browsing Roy’s site looking for parts for the Swan Bee. He sends an email to Roy asking if they could chat about some of the parts he’s looking for.

Since Roy is clever, he pulls up Charlie’s record and sees the pages Charlie has been viewing on his website. He notices Charlie was looking at pages about windshields, step pads, and name plates. Now Roy has some time to rummage through his warehouse and take inventory of the items Charlie is looking for. He can anticipate his customer’s need before they even talk.


Can Roy be even more clever? With some functionality that is coming soon with Zurmo, he will be. Let’s say Roy has an old propeller he is ready to move off his floor. He creates a link on his homepage featuring it. A description reads “Rare Vintage Chris Craft Brass 3 blade Super Cup Prop Propeller”  with a link to a url like this: www.RoyBoatParts/rareprop

Soon, Roy can trigger a workflow that alerts him whenever one of his registered customers like Charlie clicks that link. With that information, Roy is able to glean who might be interested in propellers in the future and can buy accordingly. Clever indeed.

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  • Dion V

    Sounds interesting. Presumably this breaks when someone blocks/deletes cookies, though. Would that be correct?

    • Stafford McKay

      The trail would break, correct. But the app won’t! :)

  • radoo

    Really good feature, but limited to the commercial version.

  • john58975

    GoStats might be helpful for you instead of Google analytics. It tracks every piece of data in an efficient way, & makes accurate report in a real time. It represents a systematic data of page views, page rank by which one can understand there website position.

  • With Connect

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