Homepage Portlets

With the addition of module portlets, the Zurmo homepage is really solidifying.  The portlets include My Accounts, My Leads, My Opportunities, My Contacts, My Open Tasks, and My Upcoming Meetings.  The user can configure their portlets based on their preferences and how they want to organize their homepage.  Here is the current default layout:

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  • Amit Handa

    Is there a portlet for the ‘Leader-board’, that we can place on the home page?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      We do not have that capability, but it is a good idea. I’ll bring it up with the development team.

  • http://devprocb.com/ DEVPROCB

    Really need to be able to set the default global portlets for all users.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aquilachecanta Marcello Ciaramella

    How to customize the Opportunities by stage portlet so that it can show the results between dates? I find very useless not being able to customize portlets the way we could actually create graphs in the reports system