Integrations that Help us Complete Data

A major issue with CRM can be missing data and low data integrity. When a record lacks needed information, marketing, sales, and support processes suffer.

Yes, poor training and low user adoption are major culprits. Zurmo’s built in gaming mechanics have proven to motivate users to follow best practices. But When it comes to big data and an era where analytics matter more than ever, we can only pipe in so much as humans.

In order to analyze and report at a level that exceeds future standards, data must be whole and crystal clear. The Zurmo community is raising expectations in the CRM space and these three new tools have brought us even further.

We have a little help from our friends. With the addition of Rapleaf, Zapier, and Import2, data can be more complete and more accurate.


Zurmo has used the Rapleaf API to provide users with additional data on their existing CRM records. The data furnished by Rapleaf is based on the email address associated with a Lead or Contact. Core marketing demographics and interest data including age, gender, marital status, and income. The optional inclusion of these data fields in Zurmo enhance the ability for a CRM user to personalize content and improves sales and marketing efforts by accessing key data points that would not otherwise be readily available.

rapleaf screenshot


By integrating with Zapier, Zurmo users can automate tasks between other online platforms. This allows for direct interaction between Zurmo and applications like Wufoo, Yammer, Dropbox, WordPress, Evernote, and many more. Users seamlessly pass data to and from Zurmo and their other internal applications without needing to double enter data.


Import2 automates data import to Zurmo from other CRMs, such as Zoho, SugarCRM, or Salesforce with a click of a button. Import2 empowers users to control the data they store in the cloud apps they use. The tool allows for simple migration of data in and out of apps. Learn more:

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  • Synergema

    How do we take advantage of the Rapleaf integration? I don’t see instructions?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Rapleaf is only available in the Pro version. If you become a customer, we can enable it for you. If you look on the roadmap (under the 2.2 release), you will see that Rapleaf has an asterisk (*), denoting that it is a Pro feature only.

  • symi

    I’m really keen to get a kind of integration going between mailchimp and zurmo – my other systems all port into mailchimp, and it’s kind of the hub where everybody who’s anybody ends up. it would be the ideal place where they get picked up and nurtured by my crm.

    i’ve had a look on zapier, but i can’t see any integration info on there, and there’s no integration per se into mailchimp from the mailchimp stables.

    what’s happening on that front folks? has the integration fallen by the wayside?