Lead Queues

With the release of Zurmo 2.5, commercial customers have access to Lead Queues, which allow automatic distribution of Leads. Each queue includes users and groups and allows for distribution rules like round robin, which equalizes Lead assignments.

Notifications can be sent via email to entire groups (sales teams) so that everyone is updated when a new Lead is created.

When coupled with Workflows, Lead Queues can create an automatic assignment of Leads based on certain fields such as Industry, Source, City, other geographic data points, or any custom field. For example: when a Lead originates from a webform and has a certain area code (such as 60606), then the Lead Queue will assign that Lead to the Chicago sales team in a round robin fashion.

Use Case #1 – Round Robin

A sales team (West Channel) wants even distribution of Leads that come from their call center. A Round Robin Lead Queue has been set up for the ‘West Channel Sales’ Group, which consists of 5 users (Jim, Jill, Katie, Mary, and Sam):


When a call center rep enters a Lead for West Channel Sales, they will set the owner to ‘West Channel Sales’:


Upon saving the Lead record, the queue will re-assign the Lead to the next user in line from the West Channel Sales group. Since Jim is next in line to receive a Lead, this one is all his:


A workflow is set up so that when a user receives a new Lead, they are alerted via email. Jim receives an email alert and follows up on his new Lead.

Use Case #2 – Leads up for Grab 

A cut-throat sales leader doesn’t want Leads evenly distributed. He wants to keep his reps hungry. If a new Lead comes in, the early bird gets the worm. A ‘New Leads’ queue is set up and all sales teams are included. There is no Rule selected, so this means all Leads are assigned to the ‘New Leads’ queue and there will NOT be any round robin assignments taking place. Here is how that could look:


Once a new Lead comes in, a workflow rule alerts all sales users via email. At this point the first user to act on the Lead will click into it and reassign the Lead to his User:


Additionally, a sales rep can run a search for all Leads assigned to the ‘New Leads’ owner. This way he can see which Leads have not been worked yet:


So whether you are Rock’n Robin or The Hunger Games, Lead queuing in Zurmo can work for your sales team.  

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  • Kevin Hetrick

    any chance this makes it to the community?

  • http://www.businesswebsitemanager.com Vincent

    Uhm, the community edition is severely handicapped without workflow engine. Almost pointless to have a CRM system nowadays without this. Sorry

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      The Community Edition has Workflow, just not Lead Queues.

      • http://www.businesswebsitemanager.com Vincent

        Please accept my apology for misunderstanding

  • Eric Hill

    or even a paid plugin would be great

  • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

    Like every1 told here, this should be at least an optional extension for the community edition. If not i cant understand the blog post where you say that ZURMO CRM is a trully open source because the commercial version is the same of community version… seems some thoughs are changing here… The porpouse of commercial version would be offer support and other service not to dismember the software..

    • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

      In addition.. the blog post and some “old thoughts of Zurmo team” that seems to be lost with this segregation of resources between community and commercial version.

      “Our thinking is pretty straight forward. We build software that a lot of people will use and then the people who built it will support it.” – Ray Stoeckicht

      Please remember the milk, remember where you came from.

      • Adam Jakab

        I had the same feeling after having read “We are not joking around with Open Source” and then having discovered that such a distinction community/commercial does in fact exist.

        Quote: “The model has traditionally been along the lines of ”tease them with a light Open Source Edition”, then show them the only way they can really get value out of the system is by upgrading to a paid Enterprise Edition…”

        The way I see it is that the free/os version of Zurmo is not at all crippled because of the lack of the “Lead Queues” functionality.

        Still, hmmmmmm…