Major Performance Improvement

It was always nagging in the back of mind, why does Zurmo run so much slower on Windows than Linux?  Well this weekend I not only discovered why, but figured out how to fix it.  Turns out that declaring the specific class path in the common.php import, is 10x faster than relying on the directory import.  This resulted in locally seeing an Account list/search page go from 2.6 seconds to 0.5 seconds for loading on my laptop. It was always fast on the linux servers, but now it is even faster!  We will be completing the class path declarations over the next few days.  This provides a major boost to performance for page loads.  Also running tests is much faster as well.

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  • Ramin Farmani

    great work Jason and this the reason I told you about poor performance of zurmo that you mentioned that it’s because of none frozen or development mode but it was not and finally you figure it out :-* you are fantastic.
    my development envelopment is lovely VAIO VPCF111FX and I work with windows 7 so zurmo run really slowly for me.

  • Amigo Chan

    I would love to know the detail. I am trying to port ZurmoCRM to embedded Linux. But there are huge performance different compared to CentOS, about 50% slower.

    In my test, SugarCRM runs as fast as an Atom-PC running CentOS x64 to Asustor NAS running x86 embedded Linux. ZurmoCRM is half speed without and memcache acceleration.

    With the help of, there are still 30% difference.

    I would love to know how to optimize LAMP on embedded Linux for ZurmoCRM.