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Before the 1.5 release, much of the Zurmo development plan has been directed towards sales force automation. Continuing down our roadmap, we have included more Marketing automation.  Marketing lists are one of these recent additions. They are found in our new Marketing section, where users can also manage email templates.

Why would you ever need to create a list? If you work in Marketing, you’ll know the answer. Marketing is all about campaigns. Campaigns are all about segmentation. And segmentation is all about lists.

List members, who can essentially be any record with an email address – Leads, Contacts, Accounts – are added to lists either directly through advanced search, or through custom reports.

Let’s suppose I am a marketing manager working for a company that services photocopy machines in California. We would like to further expand into the state of Oregon. I know that there are Oregonians who have contacted us in the past who we were unable to service. However with our new initiative we will be able to meet their needs now. So I should create a list and contact these people, letting them know that we’re now expanding into their state.

First I will create a report. It’s a pretty straight forward rows and columns report. The variables are essentially “Leads and Contacts in the state of Oregon who have an email address”.

The report runs and I find 157 records. I save the report as “Leads and Contacts in OR”

Next I create my list. I add members by simply selecting the report I have just created. By default the records are subscribed to the list, but if I so desire, I can manually unsubscribe anyone I need to. Maybe I need to exclude a few people from the list who are unqualified or I know would not be interested in hearing from us.

add to list

Now, voila, I have created my list. Whenever I want to send an email to people in Oregon, I simply select the list. If people request not to hear from me anymore, I unsubscribe them from the list (once I have gone through an entire box of Kleenex).

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  • John

    Hi people! I just wanted to congratulate you for your excellent job with Zurmo. We have just installed successfully version 1.1.31. and so far so good! It would be great to have these extra tools such as marketing lists for campaigns and mailings or the email templates. Are these features still in process or can we get them with an upgrade? Thanks

    • Kimat Boven
    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Yes, these features will be available in our 1.5 version coming out tomorrow. We will have an upgrade script available next week to take you from 1.1.31 to 1.5

      • John

        Those are great news! Hopefully the upgrade from 1.1.31 to 1.5 won’t be too difficult to set up ;) Thanks again and keep up with the good work!

  • disqus_I8gKu6bE0a

    Very good description over the meaning and usage of marketing list. Thank you very much.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Appreciate the kind words. We are trying to keep things simple, yet fully featured. It’s a challenging balance, but we love it.

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