New Columns in the ‘My Open Tasks’ Portlet!

Because you asked so nicely…

My open tasks new feature now contains two brand new and shiny columns which allow you to add information to link tasks to Accounts, Contacts, Projects and Opportunities.

These two little columns ‘Activity Items’ and ‘Project’ may seem small but they are both a Mary-Poppins-handbag sort of fount of useful information.

Under the Activity Items you can add in details of the account, contact and opportunity. But there’s more!!! Each of these handy little snippets of information is actually a link to the records themselves. So, for example if you were to click on the opportunity listed under ‘activity items’ in the open task portlet you would be taken directly to the record of the opportunity in question.

The open tasks portlet has always been a great tool to have on any dashboard so you can quickly and periodically cast an eye over pending tasks. Now it’s become even more useful, making your quick glance of the eye that little bit quicker and your checking on an account that little bit more direct. Work or play… we’ll let you choose how to spend that little bit of extra time you’ve just earned.

The new columns in the my open tasks portlet will be a feature of the latest version of Zurmo, coming soon!

And remember, these updates are a result of the demands of the Zurmo Community. Don’t ask, don’t get. So for any product requests please get in touch via the Zurmo forums!

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