New Features for Zurmo 3.0 Campaigns

Here are a couple of the great new features in Zurmo 3.0 to help make sure that your campaigns are as effective as possible.

Pause/Unpause campaigns

This handy new feature allows you to pause your campaigns when you want to put a hold on blasting out emails. Whenever you’re ready to reinstate the campaign you can easily kick it back into action.

“How is it done??” we hear you cry…

Head to the Campaigns section of the Marketing module and you’ll see the status of all of your active and completed campaigns.

When you’ve found the one that you wish to pause, click on the name to be taken into the detailed view. If the campaign is running you’ll see a highlighted ‘Running’ button and a greyed out ‘Paused’ button in the top right hand corner.

Simply flick the switch over to ‘Paused’ and you’ll slam the breaks on your campaign. In the campaign list view this campaign status will now be set as ‘Paused.’

Whenever you’re ready to recommence campaigning simply reverse the process, flick the switch back to ‘Running’ and you’ll be back on the campaign trail!

Send a test email from an Email Template or New Campaign

This new feature is a bit of a favourite of ours and we strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of it.

Once a new template or campaign has been created you can send a test email to ensure that the formatting, merge tags and the general look and feel of your emails are exactly what you were expecting, if not better!

To do so, opt for the new option to ‘Send Test Email’ before clicking ‘Save and Schedule’ for your new template or campaign.

By checking the test email you can make sure that you send out your campaign only when you’re 100% satisfied that your users will want to receive it.

But why take our word on how great these updates are? Upgrade to Zurmo 3.0 today and see for yourself!

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