New User Interface

The new Zurmo UI is coming along nicely.  Take a look and let us know what you think:


Detail View in an Account:

Edit View in an Account:

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  • Nev Delap

    Guys, that is looking way nice! Awesome.

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Thank you Nev. We really want to enhance the user experience and the fresh, new UI should help do so

  • Franky Vanraes

    looks great ! when will it be available ?

    • Jason Green

      We are currently working on it now, so March 1 is realistic

  • Sudhi

    The UI looks good. I would think a key differentiator would be to have the UI integrated within Facebook. I think next few years – lead generation would happen on social platforms like facebook, twitter and linkedin.

    The CRM should also integrate with popular marketing tools such as mailchimp/icontacts

    • Jason

      Thanks for the feedback. Can you post this as a feature request in the forums?

  • Rob Anderson

    Wow – this is looking great!

    I’ve managed to get a local copy working and am very impressed with what you’ve accomplished with Yii (envious would be a better description :) .

    Without wanting to sound harsh, I thought the front-end could do with some work – which is why I am so impressed to see that you’re now focusing on the UI side of things. I think the fresh new layout and design will broaden the appeal immensely.

    Follow that up with a shift in emphasis on your home page towards features and benefits (as opposed to technology and TDD) and I think you’ll start generating even more interest. Don’t get me wrong, stability and performance are super important – just perhaps now what potential customers are necessarily interested in up-front.

    So looking forward to seeing this release – well done to your team!

    • Stafford McKay

      Thanks Rob! We don’t really have any customers yet, so we’re mostly focusing on the tech side of things. You have a good point though. We’ll be addressing more stuff related to end users and customers in the next few months. We thought UI was a good place to start.

    • Jason Green

      Thanks Rob for your kind words and feedback. I have been thinking about this as well regarding the home page.

  • Sacha Telgenhof

    Super! Looking fantastic…. Can’t wait :)