Open Source CRM Releases 0.7.5

The Open Source CRM project Zurmo has released Version 0.7.5 with enhanced Social CRM functionality, additional gamification elements, ability to add profile pictures, and custom list columns while searching.

Enhanced Social CRM Functionality: Social Feeds

Social Feeds keep Zurmo users up to date on what their colleagues are sharing. Sharing can be status updates similar to what is seen on social network platforms, but visible only to employees within the organization. After changing the status of certain activities, such as closing an opportunity, a sales rep has the option of either pressing “Save Changes” or “Save Changes and Share”.

Added Gamified Mechanics: Missions

A Mission is a new gamification concept that allows co-workers to challenge one another in exchange for a reward. Much of CRM is about unifying all customer facing interactions. Missions encourage people to collaborate across multiple departments in a creative way. Learn more about Missions:

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