Outlook Integration added to Zurmo Commercial Editions

Zurmo, Inc. has invested significant resources into developing an Outlook Plugin. The integration tool is included in Zurmo Pro and is an optional add on for Zurmo Group. The integration tool introduces new functionality including:

1. Archiving emails from outlook to CRM.
1a. Sending and archiving when composing an email from Outlook

So, let’s look at some examples as to how this works to save you time.

I send an email to Sandy in Outlook, asking her if she could include me in her famous Fourth of July party:

Email from Outlook

I send that email from Outlook. If I want it to be associated with Sandy’s account in the CRM, all I have to do is click “upload and send“:

upload and sync

Now when my colleagues and I are looking at Sandy’s record, the email I have sent to her is displayed under her recent activities:

record with email

2. Syncing Contacts (both ways)

Oh my goodness! I just heard back from Sandy and low and behold some of her contact info has changed! I better make a change in my CRM and in Outlook. But, with the integration tool I only have to change the information in one and the other will automatically update the other.

Let’s see what Sandy’s contact info looks like in Outlook before I make any changes:


Okay. Now I’ll update her information in Zurmo and let’s see if it transfers over to Outlook:

Editing Record in Zurmo

Okay, that wasn’t too painful. I better brush up on my wakeboarding for the party though. Let’s be sure everything is synced and up-to-date in Outlook:


Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for… Let’s see what her contact info looks like now in Outlook:


Voila! Sandy has been updated.

3. Syncing Calendar (both ways)

Now it’s time for me to put my expected invitation at Sandy’s on my calendar. Since I work off of multiple systems, as most people do in 2013, I want my calenders to talk to one another.

Okay, so I will create the event in Outlook…

outlook item2

Now I’m going to check it out in Zurmo…

cal view in zurmo

4. Syncing Tasks (both ways)

Finally, since we all can be a little spacey, it’s always a good idea to set tasks for ourselves. The great thing about the Outlook Plugin is that we can assign a task that is associated with a specific record in Zurmo and it will appear in our Outlook task list. Or, vice-versa.

Okay, let’s create the task in Outlook and see what it looks like:

Follow Up ExchangeAlright. Not bad. Now let’s head over to Zurmo and see it there:

FU task in Zurmo

Yep. The task has been created in Outlook and is found in Zurmo – both in my “Open Tasks” Portlet on the Homepage and in the tasks associated with the record, Sandy.

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  • Patrick Seguin

    One thing I’ve noticed about your blogs and tutorials is that you talk about the functionality, but you say nothing about how to actually integrate this feature into Outlook. My experience with Zurmo so far has been through a lot of trial and error and emails to your support team (which has been stellar).

    So, how does one actually integrate this feature into Outlook?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      The Outlook integration is going through a final round of testing so when this is completed, we will release it to customers. Right now, you do not have access to the integration, but it should be ready in another 1-2 weeks.

  • Di Nos pa Nos

    What will be the cost of the integration?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Outlook integration is only available on the commercial versions: http://www.zurmo.com/pricing
      It is included at no cost with Pro and an extra $8/month per user on Group

  • Paulo Martino

    When sending an email from my Outlook to a Contact, can we select this email belongs to which opportunity or not? Because when I works with a contact that has two opportunities opened at the same time, the emails will be mixed…

  • ScottEdgell

    Will this work with Office 365 (Click-to-Run) or just Office 2016?

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