Product Development Update

We have been working long and hard in the back-room getting our next release ready, 0.7.5.  We are adding to the social and gamification aspects of Zurmo with the new social items module and missions module.  We also have nearly completed the development for sending emails via the user interface.  We are also making the conversations user interface a better experience as well.

Our current product strategy is to provide a CRM platform that improves engagement and adoption with users both internal and external to the system.  This means not only engaging employees but customers, partners, and contractors as well.

As we continue on our product development arc, I am excited about some new functionality we will be building very soon.  This includes expanding on the gamification elements to add collections, coins, gifting, and a personalized space where users can customize their environment with virtual goods.  Coins will add an interesting dynamic to the application allowing for the purchase of virtual goods as well as real incentives such as gift cards and rewards.  This can be customized by the company as they see fit.  Another idea we are thinking about is adding a way to track employee and customer skills, the coaching and mastery of those skills.  We want to move as much activity out of e-mail communication into a more structured environment.

All of these components are setting the stage to allow for a customer portal that can be used to engage with customers, partners, and contractors in both a pre-sales and post-sales capacity.  Our hope is to provide an entirely new customer relationship experience for everyone involved.

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  • Ben

    Would love outlook integration, it’s all my company keeps asking for. Other than that, Zurmo is friggen awesome!

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Yes, I wish we could snap our fingers and have outlook integration and a number of other cool features. We are moving along the development roadmap and picking off each feature one at a time. You can see what we have in store for the next 6 months:

      Is your company using the email archiving feature with the cc archival mechanism? That works for all email clients. Thanks for the kind words

  • Laurent

    Hi, i’m a bit new on this plate-form but some something like kanban (for task management) design integrated to zurmo coulb be great :)

    Your gamification concept it’s very great.

  • Neo

    You guys rock! I love what you creating. It is such a pleasure using Zurmo. I even lost my job today because of pushing too hard for using Zurmo as a solution for one EU project. I noticed your documentation and video tutorials are limited and would like to help out creating a few unofficial videos, maybe you could let me know what the main challenges facing your uses are?

    I’m currently developing a game that aims to save the world from total destruction. It consists of three modes of play: PLAY, REDESIGN and ACT. Zurmo would be perfect for the ACT mode of the game. It would this be legally possible? Would you be interested in collaborating?

    Here’s a link to the trailer:

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Love & Light

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Hi Neo,
      Wow, you lost your job, really? I’m astonished that you went that far to push Zurmo. Thank you so much for being such a champion. You are correct that we are low on documentation. If you want to help write up wikis, tutorials, or videos, that would be great. I will take a look at the video and see how/if Zurmo can be used.