Recent Functionality

Here is a list of some random functionality that will be added to Zurmo in an upcoming releases. None of these really merit their own post, so they get to share one.

- Merge tag support for workflow actions. This allows users to include dynamic information in the items created or updated by a triggered workflow. For example, John sets up a workflow that creates a note in a related Contact’s record when an Opportunity status changes to “Closed Won”. His note includes the the related Opportunity name and any other relevant information.

- Improved Workflow timeframe filters. This was done in response to requests coming from people who wanted to see more timeframe options.

- Additional Search Filters. This makes it easier to use Advanced search in list view for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc.

- Expanded calculated field capacity to now include IF clauses

- Marketing List Portlet to contact detail view and campaign subpanel to marketing list detail view

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