Reporting and Workflow complete

We set out to build a full reporting tool and workflow engine for Zurmo on December 1st.  My personal goal was to build those 2 things in 4 months.  Well it has been 5 months, but now they are both complete.  These are the 2 big pieces of functionality that take Zurmo to the next level.

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  • Do Xuan Dien

    so great, it’s amazing.

    I have a question about time-based workflow. what time it’s will be run.

    With on-save, i know when create a record, the workflow will be run

    But time-based, what time it will be run

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      For time-based workflow, you can select when you want it to run. Could be 180 days from now or could be 1 hour from now. There is a “Select Time Trigger” step when configuring the time-based workflow. If you log into our Live Demo: as ‘super’, then you can test it out.