Responsive Design Brings Zurmo Mobile

Amit is a modest man. He does not like to be in the limelight. When we created the “about us” page for, we organized our team alphabetically. Naturally, Amit’s name is first on the list. He didn’t like that very much. And unfortunately, as our top designer, he had the power to change it. He put his name at the bottom of the list and took out half the biography we had written about him. We fought his modesty and put him back up where his name belongs. Knowing all this about Amit, do you think he’ll be thrilled that there is a blog post that begins with him as the subject?

Oh well… It simply can not be avoided that we talk about Amit here. Not (just) to tease him, but also to tell the story of how Zurmo mobile transformed from a pipe dream into a reality. You see Amit is a big believer in simplistic, elegant design. Like many modest sorts, he is a Minimalist. And that is one of the reasons why he is the perfect person to spearhead anything related to Zurmo design.

Amit is a strong believer in HTML 5 and the power of responsive design. I remember sitting with him in his apartment in Buenos Aires one day when I saw responsive work for the first time. I never knew anyone could be so enthusiastic about browser windows. “See, when I make the window smaller, the page responds by rearranging objects so that they can fit. When I expand the window, the objects become larger and more spread out,” Amit told me, as if he were showing an airplane to someone who was just learning man could fly. “Eventually, as the window gets even smaller, things that are less relevant disappear. You are left with the bare necessities in the smallest view. It doesn’t matter what device you are using – it’s all based on the size of your browser. It’s brilliant!”

“One day, Zurmo will behave the same way.” When Amit said those words, I started to pay attention. That was a couple of years ago. And today, I share Amit’s enthusiasm and can’t help showing off his work. It really is a pleasure to say that with the release of Zurmo 1.5, we are fully mobile. And we have Amit and Responsive Design to thank.

The Zurmo Dashboard in iOS:


A chart on the dashboard:

image (3)

Creating records is a cinch. No need save business cards after events. Enter new Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. on the fly:

image (7)

What would Zurmo be without Gamification? Get mobile recognition for your achievements:

image (4)

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