Shoot for the stars

Question. Do you ever just need to cut out the baloney and head straight for the Boar’s Head? When the time to reach quotas is nigh, sales people have no patience for tom-foolery. “I don’t use CRM. In my experience it is just a giant database of irrelevant clutter,” said Paulo, a veteran VP of sales for a B2B company in a recent conversation (quote has been censored to suit all ages).

“Let me put a star next to my Leads and Contacts who really matter, so when the time comes to sell, I can easily locate the people who are actually going to buy,” Paulo continued. He made the argument that CRM has yet to beat his very simple method of using index cards to keep track of prospects, where “Hot Leads” are always placed in a special pile on his desk.

So once again, as software developers building a sophisticated database application, we find ourselves competing with pen and paper.

Let’s see how we faced this challenge.

a list of CRM leads, with three leads starred

In the image above you see a “List View” in the Leads Module. Notice the addition of stars to the left of each record? See anyone that sticks out in our demo data? Let’s say Raymond, Alice, and Jason are who Paulo would consider “Hot Leads”. He just clicks the star next to each of their names and they light up like Arcturus. (We won’t lie to you – we may have gotten a smidgen of inspiration for this from Gmail).

A list of only records that have highlighted stars are displayed

Now Paulo probably wants to see a list of  only his starred records. The VIPs. The Muckety-Muck. The sort of ilk who use bacronyms and only travel port side out and starboard home. They are there, shinning in all their glory, segregated from the common plebs who pollute his CRM database with their minuscule BANT criteria and zero close probabilities. Paulo can see his “Hot Leads” in one place, just like the pile of note cards on his desk. Are we getting closer to successfully competing with pen and paper?

When Paulo clicks on a starred record, he sees in business card detail view, a bright and shiny star. He contacts her, sells, meets his quota, and books passage to Mallorca. Or, perhaps he contacts her, discovers she has been killed in a hot air balloon accident, and removes the star next to her name. Anything is possible.

The first person to correctly identify the individual in the photograph above will receive something in the mail related to gamification and stars. (Or if you’d rather not get a gag gift in the mail, you can simply bask in the light of recognition). It is completely up to you. 

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