Small changes to make Zurmo easier!

I love using Zurmo, but as my girlfriend regularly reminds me, no matter how much you love something (or someone) there are always small adjustments that could make it better! :P

Speaking with members of the community and based on my own experiences using the CRM I added some small feature requests to the project today which I am sure some of you may be pleased to see.

None of these are huge changes and that’s the point, they are little things I could easily live with but a small tweak in the right place will just make it easier to use.

How would you tweak Zurmo to make it more usable?

Maybe you have some quick tweaks of your own that you would like to see, we would love to hear them? Add those in the comments below, if you are lucky (and you have been good all year) we may just include them in time for Christmas!

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  • Diply

    I would love to be able to see a contacts’ phone number in the My Open Tasks portlet on the dashboard; very convenient when you’re tasks consist mostly of reminders to call people about stuff; it saves you a bunch of clicks! :)

    I can come up with more, but this one is at the top of my list at the moment! :)

    Keep up the good work!

    - Rinck

    • Ross Peetoom

      This is an interesting request to extend the use of Tasks but I quite like it. We can probably begin by allowing more configuration options on the portlet and then extent that further to allow links to the related records like Contact and Accounts, etc

      • Ronald Hensen

        I think this will be great. I can choose by my own the kind of information is in the portlet. I.e. account name, contact name, contact mobile phone, etc.

  • Lukas Janda

    I woud like to be able to set with whom I will collaborate on task. Right now I think, there is only way that each user click on tha colaborate button, which is painful, whe I want to force them to colaborate :-)

    • Ross Peetoom

      We have already thought about this as well and plan to include a mention feature for Tasks and Conversations that will automatically add @mentioned users as followers of the thread. Its still at an early stage but you can see the story for that feature here:

  • Chris Emmons

    I have a challenge to get the advanced criteria to work on my install of Zurmo. Any time the Modifier in the advanced search criteria is 1 AND 2, the search hangs. But I see it work on the demo which is the same version… What’s my trouble? Memory?

  • Peter Montanez

    I’d like to be able to include Merge Tags on task/project workflow Creation. What is strange is that Merge Tags link is included on task creation page, but without any luck if I try to incorporated on the Task Name or Description area. Its this a normal behavior ? Perhaps its a Bug -

    • Ross Peetoom

      It may be something you are doing wrong with your workflow or the Tags you define. I have set up workflows that create Tasks where the name is “Send package to [[FIRST^NAME]] [[LAST^NAME]]” and those have created just fine. In fact I just tested it again in the Description as well and its good there too.

      Maybe check and make sure that if you are defining [[FIRST^NAME]] that the workflow is Contact centric, if its not (say its pp centric for example) then Zurmo wont know what that tag means since there wil be no field with that name on the Opp. ;)

      • Peter Montanez

        Ross, thanks for your kind reply, Now I’m creating a related TASK for my accounts, on the Task name I’ll like to add ” 30 Days Renewal for [[ACCOUNT__NAME]] “. Just to be clear, I’m selecting under the Workflow Actions –> Created Related –> Select Module ->Accounts –> Select Module –> Task. Now Ross,on your example Do you have to add prefix ” __ ” on the Tag < as described on the help document?? Its the Tag merge function just working with the Contact Module?? Can you tried to reproduce your scenario using the Account name instead of the Contact Name and Last name ? Thanks in advance for any hint!! ( Also happy new Year !!!)

  • Diply

    Hi Ross,

    one more thing that I would love to see is the ability to NOT see the “Collaborate on this task” modal window after I create a new task; this is only useful when you actually want to collaborate on a task, but when you are creating personal tasks just for yourself (which is most often the case, especially when you’re performing cold calling/acquisition activities), you are forced to close this window every single time.

    Also, when you click to open a task from the Open Tasks portlet on the dashboard, it now opens the same “Collaborate on this task” modal, so if you’re looking for a contacts’ phone number, it requires 2 more clicks to get it, and then after calling the contact, you have to go back to the dashboard once again to continue finishing up your tasks, again requiring more clicks!

    The collaborate on this task window also appears when you edit a task (for example to change the due date), requiring an extra click to close the modal after saving your changes.

    I would like less clicks! :)


    • Ross Peetoom

      Hi Rinck, yes, we have plans to improve this in zurmo as well so that making quick “personal” tasks is a lot easier and quicker. In fact there is a link to a story related to just that in the blog “Make Tasks easier/quicker to create”.

  • ITFixt

    On lists such as Clients, Leads, etc., it would be really useful to have Previous/Next links so that one doesn’t have to go back to the whole list each time, to move from one record to another. I am moving a company from Sage Act to Zurmo and have come up against a reluctance to adopt Zurmo because of this! If the Zurmo team reckon this is a relatively simple mod, I’ll have a go at it myself as, for me, the sooner it’s done the better :)

    Or: is there an item somewhere in the bowels of the design/configuration menus that would turn this on, that I have missed?

  • Mario

    I know this is not a request feature channel but I have to get this out.

    The one thing I love the most about WordPress is the ability to install plugins from the admin backend. Something like that would make zurmo the perfect CRM solution and would make me a developer of zurmo plugins

  • Vincent

    Weird, a big advantage of CRM is to have a 360 degree view of everything associated to an Account. Hence the request to ”Relating records to main account”
    seems a no brainer, in fact a ‘forgotten basic feature’ to me, and should be an easy fix. So why hasn’t it been scheduled yet?