Tasks Not Too Tedious

Jim is a tax lawyer in Chicago who helps people who are in really deep water. Finding clients is pretty easy for him. He just shows up to the courtroom when the federal judges are in town hearing IRS cases and swoops in to save scared citizens.

After that, nothing is easy. There are millions of little tasks required to move a case along. Jim has no automated way to keep track of his clients and all the pre-trial processes that go into managing each one. To kill two birds with one stone, he tries out Zurmo.

Let’s look at some tasks Jim’s firm needs to complete after on-boarding Bob Pobre, a new client.

- Identify IRS complaint (should be done by Jim)
- Gather background information on client (Can be done by Jason, Jim’s paralegal)
- Establish if client is capable of paying fees (Done by Jim’s legal secretary, Katie)
- Process client bank records for the past decade (Done by Jason)
- Settle with the IRS (Done by Jim)

Jim, Katie, and Jason could view each of these tasks as a list, or they could utilize the new Kanban functionality for tasks in Zurmo and get a visual overview for the whole picture as it relates to Mr. Pobre:


As we clearly see in the screenshot above, all of the tasks are visually arranged according to stage. “Gather background information on client” is something that Jason is currently working on. When he’s finished, he can simply drag the task to the next box, which is labeled “completed”. We can see that Katie has already established if the client is capable of paying. Let’s take a closer look at that specific task:

task details

Here we can see how various team members can collaborate on completing the task and stay on top of its related developments. We can add a checklist for sub tasks (in this case there are none, but they are useful in more complex situations), comments, add a due date, upload a file, etc. Although this task is assigned to Katie, everyone is interested in the outcome. Therefore we can see that Jim and Jason are also receiving notifications about the task as it progresses.

This is one example of how the new task functionality works in Zurmo. In this case, we have been looking at a Lead record (Bob Pobre). But the exact same process can be applied to Accounts, Opportunities, and other objects in the CRM.

Stay tuned for our next post, which will be about the Projects Module in Zurmo, which takes tasks to a whole other level.

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  • KayAnna Kirby

    How do you add collaborators. I see the owner sees and the person assigned. How can we add more followers to a task?


    • Ray Stoeckicht

      For each Project Task, there is only 1 ‘owner’ and 1 ‘requested by user’, but you a user can ‘subscribe’ by clicking the tower/radar icon under ‘Who is receiving notifications’. If you want users to collaborate on each task, tell them to subscribe.

      • KayAnna Kirby

        Ok. Thank you

  • jaykishan

    i love a zurmo CRM but one thing is not satisfying in the demo… how can i have direct link to a task? is that possible? cause at the moment it seems everything is ajax so no direct link of the task.. it is very important that we can have a direct reference to a task by a link so that we can directly give developers a link to task so that they can see it directly by clicking on it instead of searching and finding?