Visual Narratives in CRM?

The notion of a Visual Narrative is something we would usually attribute to film, photojournalism, or something that hangs on the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In short, according to Wikipedia, “any kind of a story, told visually, is a visual narrative.”

Does a database contain stories? Yes.
Does a contact record have a story behind it? It does.

Do most database systems clearly convey the story behind records? They do not.

The visualization of elements within CRM has been a major focus of ours over the past couple of years. It started with our very minimalist approach to designing the Zurmo user experience. It reached a crescendo with Kanban. A crescendo, but not the summit. There is more we can and will do in this area.

To make CRM a more intuitive experience through visualizations. That has become our quest. Where to go from here?

Back to Visual Narratives. Certainly Opportunities moving from one stage to the next tell a story. But it is not necessarily a very human story. How about visualizing the story of our individual leads and contacts?

Amit, our main UI designer had a great idea recently. What would happen if we took the historical data behind a record and mapped it out visually? Something that would normally be represented through linear, textual information, but turned into a nice picture?

It could look something like this (note – this is a prototype):

Activity Heartbeat

In the above example, we have a visual. We have a story. And we have a narrative.
Visual Narratives, welcome to CRM.

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  • Vincent

    Love this.

  • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

    Could this a have filter to see a specific sales rep activity? By the way – well done!! :)

  • Luiz Eduardo Monteiro

    This could be applied to customers interactions too, creating a view of the history behind what is been done or talked to the customer. In a world if may “automated emails from N different departments, would be very important to categorize the contacts to understand how the company is talking with the client and this Visual Narrative fits like a glove