Workflow and Marketing Automation: A Killer Blend

photo (3)What happens when you stick workflow rules and marketing automation together in the Zurmo blender? Your CRM strategy gets a whole lot more dynamic. Your marketing tactics become really smart. And your targeted messaging is even more relevant according to where contacts are in the customer lifecycle.

Let’s see how David, a Marketing Manager for a building management company in Chicago has been taking advantage of recent Zurmo 2.2 features including webforms and the addition of marketing list subscriptions in workflow rules.

But first, let’s back up for a second. David’s job is to find and nurture qualified landlords in Chicago who have expressed interest in his company’s services. He manages a blog that covers developments in residential rental rules and regulations. Let’s say a new law has passed that changes the way owners who have purchased foreclosed properties should deal with tenants. David writes a series of blog articles about the subject, informing readers what the new regulations mean and how his property management company is prepared to help.

David’s series on this subject attracts a lot of organic web traffic since it is a hot topic. He decides to include a webform next to posts in this blog category with a strong call to action. Something like: “sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about Chicago owner / renter regulations”. A couple of hundred people sign up. His webform includes a dropdown: “Are you looking to hire a new property management company within the next year?”

David next creates a workflow rule that is triggered upon an affirmative response to this question. All qualifying respondents are included in a marketing list he describes as “seeking new management company AND  interested in tenant regulations”.

David sets up a series of autoresponders that send out upon subscription to his list. After one hour, an email suggests the recipient download an e-book about everything landlords need to know about real estate regulations in Chicago. A week later, the reader is invited to attend a monthly information session with the firm’s attorneys (he really had to push for that one, but he believes in his gut that the attorneys’ time will pay off).

David continues to reach out to his qualified readers with compelling thought leadership until they are ready to sign a contract with his company. When they finally do purchase, he can run a report in Zurmo to see which of his marketing touch points were most successful in winning their business.

This killer blend of marketing tools in Zurmo helps David prove to upper management that his campaigns have real ROI and that they land customers. Did the information session with the company lawyers do the trick? Yes, it really did.

Now he doesn’t have to just rely on his gut and fight for these resources. Once he can clearly demonstrate how effective something is in ultimately generating revenue, David can have all he wants. By using the Zurmo blender, his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

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