Workflow Engine Preview

Workflow automation is a key part of any CRM. It makes sure nothing slips through the cracks.
That’s important. That’s a big reason why we automate processes in the first place.

Imagine Nancy is a sales rep. She’s doing well and closing a lot of Opportunities. So much so in fact, that she can’t keep track of them. Nancy can set up a workflow rule to remind her to follow up on any given Opportunity one week after she’s created it. Smart, right?

Or let’s imagine Peter is a manager and his team is growing. He wants to be sure everyone is on the ball. So he sets up a workflow  that alerts him via email whenever a Lead sits in the “New” status for more than 24 hours. Peter’s people won’t be slacking for long.

With Zurmo’s Workflow Engine, you can create simple and complex rules to trigger a variety of alerts or actions in the system.

Here is a brief rundown of how the Workflow Wizard works:

1) Define the scenario that will trigger your Workflow:


2) Select the Action criteria:


3) Indicate how you would like to be alerted.


It’s pretty simple. Have questions? head over to our Forums and our community will help you out.

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  • Dileep

    how can i define a workflow for send a email to the user when the task is due?

    • Ray Stoeckicht

      Time based workflow-> Tasks

      Select Time Trigger-> ‘Due On’= 1 minute ‘Before Due On’
      Select Triggers-> ‘Completed’ Equals ‘No’
      Select Actions-> don’t do anything here. just hit ‘next’
      Select Messages-> select an email template-> send after 1 minute
      Recipients-> To ‘User who created record’

      • dileep

        Sorry Ray,

        I have created a workflow as defined by you.But it is not send email notification.please help me..

        • Ray Stoeckicht

          Are your crons running?

          • Dileep

            Yes Ray.I have enabled the following crons
            1. Process by-time workflow rules (every 15 mins)
            2.Process workflow messages (every 15 mins)
            3.Monitor Job(every 5 mins)
            4. CurrencyRatesUpdate

            Is it have any additional cron to enable?