Zumo Detail Views: I’ll Have Them My Way

How can we make a blog post about custom portlets in the Detail view engaging? Have it my way. Lay on the extra cheese and a side of open tasks. Hold the notes and go easy on the upcoming meetings.

Okay what is this all about? If you are familiar with Zurmo, you’ll know that you can customize your homepage. You can change your layout by simply dragging, dropping, deleting, and adding portlets. We’ve had feedback from users saying that organizing things according to personal preference saves time and keeps the most relevant objects front of mind.

People started to wonder why portlets in other views couldn’t be customized like the homepage. Give a finger and they want the whole hand. Sheesh.

Okay, well this is Zurmo where you can have it your way. But don’t get crazy.

Let’s look at a couple of use case examples to illustrate how this can help:

Cameron, the Inside sales rep: Task focused. When he opens a record his eye needs to land on open tasks. His detail view layout might look something like this


Cameron’s boss is Bethany, a Sales Supervisor. When she clicks on a record she wants an overview of Activities to be sure everything is running on track. Her view might be something like this


Get the idea? This is one of a few ways we are improving the Zurmo experience so everyone can have it their way. If you have more ideas, let us know.

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