Zurmo 1.6 is Released

Today we are proud to announce the release of Zurmo 1.6.0. Nothing too crazy (if you want to see crazy, check out the features we just added in 1.5 last week), but a few little things that will help you save time while using the system. Our primary goal remains to make CRM easier to use and more natural.

Record Cloning

This feature is especially useful in scenarios where a new record needs to be created that is very similar to an existing record. Let’s look at an example.Remember that during a typical sales cycle, a lead converts to a Contact when more meaningful engagement is on the horizon. Contacts are associated with Accounts. Generally, an Account will eventually have multiple Contacts. Let’s look at the screenshot below and imagine we are negotiating a deal with an IT Director, Betty. Betty introduces us to her boss, Sardi, who is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Betty and Sardi share much of the same information. Rather than take the time to tediously enter in Sardi’s information, I can simply “Clone” Betty. When I press the “Clone” button under options, a new Edit View appears with each field populated with Betty’s information. All I have to do is change the differentiating details like name, title, etc. Everything else, like Account, address, fax number, website, etc., remains the same.

CloneContact Address Pre-Populating from Accounts

Along similar lines as record duplication, we have introduced another time saving feature. When a new Contact is created in the system, her address fields are pre-populated with those of her Account (AKA the organization she works for). We do this because it is highly likely that an individual who is associated with a certain Account will share the street address of that Account. So we save time having to re-enter the same information. The reality is people are lazy and unlikely to fill out the address field on a Contact if they know it is already included in the Account record. We’re all about data stewardship, so this is just one more way to make it easier on users to include as much information about records as possible.


Automatic mapping of Opportunity Probability based on Sales Stage

When we create an Opportunity, it is necessary to indicate the probability of its closing. This is represented by a percentage. Why is this important? It helps us when we generate reports for forecasting anticipated sales.

For example, George has three open opportunities. The first one is for $100 worth of coffee beans. George is still “Prospecting” this deal, so the probability of its closing is only 10%. His second Opportunity is for $200 worth of candied walnuts. At the moment he is “Negotiating” the deal and there is a 50% chance it will close. Finally, his third Opportunity is for $300 worth of frozen bananas. He has reached a “Verbal” agreement with his buyer and there is a 75% probability George will win this deal.

So what can we safely consider to be in George’s pipeline for closed won opportunities right now? Coffee beans = $100 x 10% = $10. Candied Walnuts = $200 x 50% = $100. Frozen bananas = $300 x 75% = $225. George can forecast $335 worth of closed won Opportunities.

Up until recently, users had to manually indicate the probability of an Opportunity close winning. But as Zurmo delves into deeper reporting capabilities, we need reliable metrics. Manual selection of probability stage is not an easy or reliable methodology on which to depend. So we have come up with the following percentages, which map automatically according to Sales Stage:

Prospecting = 10%
Qualification = 25%
Negotiating = 50%
Verbal = 75%
Closed Won = 100%    :)
Closed Lost = 0%    :(

Here is what it looks like in the app:

Probability Mapping

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Jones/12304421 Ryan Jones

    nice feature release notes. thanks for the explanation and screenshots

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9103229 Stafford McKay

      Thanks Ryan. Appreciate the feedback. When our developers release new features, it’s kind of a fun challenge to explain the practical application.

  • peter bett

    can this zurmo email if yes how can one configure

  • Mike Chiasson

    This looks great, glad to see some rapid development going on!

  • Pablo

    It would be nice if this feature can be disabled or at least if the proposed probability can be modified. Some of the opportunities in the same stage may have different probability, for instance, an negotiating opportunity may be very close or very far to closing

  • Eric Han

    Where to download the 1.6 now.. Although we have 2.x version, but our application still remain on 1.6.0