Zurmo 2.6 Is Now Released

The Zurmo Development team continues to crank out the dev cycles. The latest release (2.6) was tagged today. Look forward to these features:

  • Custom Theme Maker
  • Improved Job Handling
  • Send Email Templates for individual emails
  • Dedupe functionality
  • Funnel and Pyramid charts
  • Accounts to Accounts Affiliations
  • Accounts to Contacts Affiliations
  • Google SSO*
  • OAuth server*
  • Additional Queuing Distribution Rules*

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  • Mikhail Kalatchev

    Something gone wrong with languages in 2.6.1. I can’t activate any language on my own fresh installation. The same is true for online demo version. As far as I remember, last time I played with demo it was OK. But now it doesn’t work. Any ideas?
    And once again – contact’s titles list should be editable. Not only because of language differences, but current list is incomplete. I know I can do it directly in MySQL, but this is far from convinient :-)