Zurmo 3.1.0 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Zurmo 3.1.0!

New Features

  • Campaign Retarget - Now you can send a follow up message to all of the individuals that viewed or clicked your campaign.
  • Feed Comments - Feed Comments are a great way to begin a dialogue about a particular record, as well as allowing users to mention other users who may need to be involved on that feed.
  • Mention Feature - Mention another CRM.me user in a Comment, Task, Social post, Conversation or Mission and encourage users to engage and discuss a particular item.


  • Create Marketing lists performance optimized – Creating a new marketing list performance significantly increased!
  • Items I Own search mode – Now you can quickly select your records on the list view.
  • User interface – Lots of improvements and bug corrections here!
  • Bug fix – Workflow email was generating “\” before periods and colons and returns on text area fields.
  • Bug fix - ”Opportunities by Sales Stage” portlet was displaying inaccurate data.
  • Bug fix – Removing “Related Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities” from Inline Edit View on Notes module, prevents you creating new notes.
  • Bug fix - Funnel chart was showing the Opp stage results ordered by “Count” criteria.
  • Bug fix-  ”Convert to base currency” reports option was adding currency $ symbol to “count” values
  • Bug fix – Search results wasn’t updating criteria changes.
  • Bug fix – Carriage return issue solved.
  • Bug fix – “My Open Tasks” owner field was showing task name.

Important!!  Please visit http://zurmo.org/upgrades to find out how to upgrade Zurmo.

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  • in

    how can we upgrade from version 3.0.5 ? (there’s no upgrade file..)

    • Edney Matias

      I went like that

      1) backup every thing, database and zurmo files;

      2) extracted 3.1.0 files and replaced the old ones;

      3) executed “./zurmoc upadateschema super” from the commands folder

      Since there are no further instructions, I can’t tell if something is missing. Everything seems ok, except for this bug report:


      • in


        • Edney Matias

          Hi there!

          I had to rollback the update. The bug I reported is also affecting the ability to update leads.

          I guess I will have to wait for a patch or some missing instruction in the update process.

          I will try again next weekend.


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  • Oasisone Doe

    Hello, where can i download version 3.0.5, system broke down and i have only sql backups for that version, 3.1.0 with old database doesn’t work.