Zurmo Adds OAuth 2.0 to Pro version

OAuth 2.0 is an open authentication/authorization protocol which enables applications to access each others data. If an application has to access data from any Zurmo instance, they have to use the Zurmo API: http://zurmo.org/wiki-subject/api. Now, the Zurmo API supports authentication/authorization using standard OAuth 2.0 protocol.

OAuth 2.0 Configuration Process


Here you can create OAuth Clients, which refer to applications that can communicate to Zurmo. For Instance, if you want Zapier to post/read data from Zurmo, you’ll have to create an OAuth client for Zapier. You can create as many clients, as you want. “Clients” are applications that communicate to Zurmo, on behalf of any user.

Why we implemented this?

This is a standard protocol of authentication/authorization across different applications. The Zurmo API is primarily used for data reading and writing. We enabled OAuth 2.0 support so our API supports standard procedure as well. This came up when we were establishing Zapier and Zurmo communication as Zapier was expecting Zurmo API authentication/authorization to be OAuth 2.0 based. This gave us a good opportunity to to upgrade the Zurmo API’s authentication/authorization process.

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  • http://www.smick.net ms4130

    Wish this was available on community edition at some point.

  • Chris Edwards

    I could see this encouraging more 3rd party integrations with zurmo being developed by the community if it were pushed down to the community edition.

    • http://www.zurmo.com Jason Green

      That is a good point and something will consider to switch in the future.

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