Badges and Achievements with Zurmo

We all collect badges in some shape or form, whether they’re shot glasses from each country you have traveled to, or that photo on your wall of your wedding day.  Badges help define us as people. They remind ourselves and show others where we have been, what we have achieved, and a little about who we are.  Don’t believe me?

I still have an old film case filled with sand from when I went to the Sahara desert over 9 years ago.  Why do I keep it? It doesn’t have any real value, it’s just sand?  But to me, personally, it’s much more. It’s proof that I made it there…. Even if I traveled most of the way on an air-conditioned bus!  My film case of sand is a badge… it’s my Sahara Badge! :)

Easier examples are the Cub Scouts or Girl Guides who earn real badges and sow them to their sweaters as symbols of their achievement.  A seasoned Girl Guide can expect to have various badges showing skills from cookie selling to first aid.  Why should business be different?

Zurmo Badges

We don’t think business should be different, so Zurmo rewards user achievements with badges of its own.  Of course, you don’t just earn badges for anything; even I had to endure an hour on a camel’s back to get my powdery Arabian sand.  Some badges are awarded for achieving landmarks such as converting 10 sales leads to customer accounts or winning over $100k in closed won sales opportunities.  Others are awarded for exploring the system or doing something new for the first time.

When you earn a new badge you will receive a notification congratulating you with a description of how you earned it.   Your new badge along with all others you have earned are displayed proudly on your My Profile page.

Hmm, I hear you say, “so I get a badge for logging in 25 times, but do I get another once I log in 50 times and 100 times?”…. Yes you do, but don’t worry, your profile page will not be cluttered with meaningless badges. Instead, in this case, your “logins” badge will upgrade.  The number in the green circle next to each of your badges shows how many times the badge has been upgraded.  This user has upgraded their logins badge 6 times!

For those of you who have read my previous posts on Levels and Points it’s important to be clear that badges are awarded independently of those game mechanics, however, it is wrong to say that they are not entirely connected.

Bonus Points

Each time you achieve a new badge in the system you will also receive bonus points that count towards your Overall XP score and push you further up the leaderboard.  So if you need to climb the rankings or just get enough extra points to leapfrog your colleague, why not explore some of the areas and tools you are not familiar with in Zurmo and earn some badges and bonus points while you learn!

What would you like to earn badges for in the system?  We would like to hear even your most hair-brained ideas, like a badge for forgetting your password repeatedly or a “night-owl” badge for logging in late in the evenings?

We want to make those annoying things fun so throw in your wacky ideas!!! Do it in the comments below, or for a more indepth conversation, head over to the Gamification section of our Forum.

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  • Ray Stoeckicht

    In terms of badges, here are my ideas:

    “Mr. Clean” Badge – merging duplicate records together (get it on the 1st merge and in increments of 10)

    “Opter Outer” Badge – opting out email addresses for Lead or Contact records (get it on the 1st opt out and in increments of 20)