Dedupe Functionality Keeps Data Clean

With the Zurmo 2.6 release, Dedupe functionality is added in order to enhance data stewardship by identifying possible duplicate records. Once a CRM database contains duplicate records, users can become frustrated as to which records to use, which oftentimes leads to them giving up. To hedge against poor user adoption, the new Dedupe feature will help users maintain confidence in the integrity of the CRM.

There are 3 ways to Dedupe:

1. Import – Upon importing records, you can dedupe against email and name. This allows the ability to import and update existing records or skip if the record already exists based on an email or name deduping rule.


2. Merge duplicates – From the list view you can select multiple Accounts, Contacts, and Leads. Then you can merge them together to remove duplicate data. When you merge them, it will also merge in the related activities.


3. Record creation- When creating a new Account, Lead, or Contact record, the system will auto-detect if it finds an existing record. Then you can pick that record to use instead or continue creating the new record.


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  • Pradyumna R

    When is Zurmo 2.6 available for use/download?

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  • Linksmai

    Is there a way to dedupe converting leads (created by webform) to contacs?

  • Java training

    Nice article….