Zurmo is now integrated with VoIP

Zurmo users have been requesting a VoIP integration from us since day one. Finally, it has arrived.

The Zurmo 2.5 release allows SIP enabled calling for commercial customers. Whether from a high volume call center or a three person sales office, SIP allows users to click to dial from any phone number within the user interface. The initial integration was done with OnSIP (http://www.onsip.com), but also works with other SIP service providers.

Let’s see it in action using the example of Michelle, a sales rep for the Adrian Apple Products Company. It happens to be apple cider season and Michelle is under the wire to call all of her clients – food distributors in the US – to be sure they remember to place their November orders. She has very little time and many people to call.

Michelle flips through her list of leads and comes across Betty Allen, with whom she needs to have a little chat. In order to initiate the call, Michelle clicks her phone number from within her profile:


Michelle and Betty have a nice talk about apple cider. She hangs up the phone. Since everyone in her office is very meticulous about note-taking, Michelle needs to log her call. Logging the call not only helps her stay out of hot cider with Mr. Adrian, but it also lets her know when her last outbound touch point was on the phone with Betty.

In all of the excitement, Michelle has a tendency to forget this detail. Not to worry. The VoIP integration automatically adds the call to Latest Activities.

call with betty

But wait… there’s more. Call now and get not one, but two bottles of fun. How can we forget Gamification? Zurmo users who enable VoIP are going to get many points in the Account Management category. Remember, the system automatically logs calls. So there is extra incentive to call from within the CRM environment.

call created

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  • ctjustice

    Would love love to see Google Voice integration. – Carlos

  • Priyanka Jain

    Awesome! Why don’t you release a developer guide to Zurmo OpenSource. It will help developers to contribute their efforts to the community. I am really a big fan of Zurmo. Would love to see this great product expanding.

  • Mohit Kumar

    I would love to contribute my efforts in that case.

  • Sam Tuke

    This sounds awesome! What are the technical details though? Is it using WebRTC? How does the OnSip interaction work? What Sip libs does the system use?

  • Iona Hobosjan

    Can we connect it to Asterisk based Elastix PBX?

  • lotophagi

    Sadly you can only get this with a premium account. Another example of feature blackmail.