Zurmo – Points, Leveling and Categories Part 1

You may have seen my earlier post CRM Gamification Becomes Reality; if not then you might want to check it out. In this post I will talk in more detail about how points are awarded, leveling, and what categories we use to define a users strengths based on their CRM usage.


Points, or as we will call them XP points, will be awarded to the user for every action they perform in the system, from editing an Account record, searching for a Contact, or simply logging in. These XP points accumulate as users work toward achieving levels of competence in the system.

Seems simple enough. I do “something” and I get “some” XP points, but how many XP Points should I get, and should I get different XP for performing different actions? To answer this question, we had to look at our goals for point allocation:

  • To Reward System Use
  • To Reward Best Practices

Other things we needed to consider were that some actions required less manual effort and/or would be performed more regularly.

In the end, we decided that there would need to be some variation in XP point allocations across different actions based on effort and to promote business and system best practices such as closing a deal or converting a lead. We were mindful, however, of maintaining consistency, preventing users from “breaking the game” and ensuring fair reward for the day to day graft of using the system.

Example point allocation

Action XP Comment
Creating a new Opportunity 10 Standard action
Updating an Opportunity 10 Standard action
Winning an Opportunity 50 Best Practice
Creating a Lead 10 Standard action
Updating a Lead 10 Standard action
Converting a Lead 25 Best Practice
Searching for records 5 High Frequency
Performing an import 20 Low Frequency


There are 2 types of leveling in Zurmo: General Leveling and Category Leveling. We will discuss Category leveling later.

Users accumulate XP points through actions performed in the system; this accumulation of points is their “Total XP”. A user’s total XP is an indicator of their experience in the system, but having an experience level of 3922 XP doesn’t really work for us humans. Instead we use a leveling system both as an indicator of experience and to provide achievable goals that users can work toward.

To begin achieving level-ups requires little effort, becoming increasingly difficult the higher you go. We wanted to give players a positive introduction to the game experience and then encourage those at higher levels to explore badges, category level ups, and custom challenges to gain the bonus points they offer.

In our first gamification release, users will receive an alert in their notifications feed congratulating them on achieving a new level. They will also be able to track their progress to the next level with a progress bar on their User Profile page.

In later releases we expect to include these notifications on a user social feed portlet and offer some kind of “prize” for achieving each new level. We are not sure what that “prize” will be yet so why not let us know what you would like to see…… Red Ferrari, X-Ray specs, Zurmo key ring?  Leave us a comment with your ideas?

Keep an eye out for the second part of this blog where we look at Category Levels. That is where things really get fun!!

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