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Home page display using Spanish Pack

04 May 2012 - 10:38 PM

I tried enabling the Spanish Language pack in the new Interface for standard user, however when I returned to the Home Dashboard page the menu display was a little messed up.

To Reproduce:
- In the new UI go to settings and enable the Spanish language
- Login as a standard user and edit the user profile
- select Spanish as the preferred language
- click on the "Return to application" button

Returned to the Home Dashboard page of the crm

Returned to the home Dahslet page of the crm but the display is skewed.

Note: that the navigation menu does generate fine on other pages, it appears only to affect the home dashboard.

My Opportunities Portlet Filtering issue

04 May 2012 - 06:24 PM

If you filter the My Opportunities Portlet and select multiple Sales Stage values INCLUDING the "(none)" value then you will recieve an error the next time to reload that Dashboard.

To Reproduce:
- Create a new Dashboard
- Add the My Opportunities Portlet
- Edit the portlet and filter to only show Opps with a Sales Stage of "(none)" and "Prospecting"
- Click Save

The portlet updates and shows only Opps in that Sales Stage

The Portlet does not update. If you refresh the Dashboard you recieve an Error and are directed to the home Dashboard.

Note, if you trigger this bug on the home dashboard itself you will become stuck since the page will error each time.

Gravatar in Zurmo?

20 February 2012 - 08:10 PM

Are there any plans to use gravatar within the Zurmo system itself? they are typically used for Blogs, Comments and Forums but I would imagine that it would be nice for users who use Gravatar to not have to upload a photo of themselves on their Zurmo user profile page?

I wonder how many people this would actually help, is this a good idea or do we think it would not be used?..... since it links off of the email address I wonder if this coudl be used to pull a Gravatars of contacts in the system........... now I think THAT would be cool?!

personalized assistance messages

08 February 2012 - 08:33 PM

It would be great if we zurmo could be intelligent and offer in-line personalised assistance to users. I can imagine this would help user adoption by physically showing benefit to the user rather than simply giving them the tools and data to find this on their own. A few examples are:

“You sent an email last week to Joe Contractor, do you want to see who else knows Joe Contractor?”

“You sent 20 emails to Jim Architect this month, do you want to add him to your favourite records/Hit list?”

“You haven’t updated your Favourite records/Hit List in 6 months. Please re-evaluate it!”

“Tim has emailed someone who works with one of your contacts. What help can you offer him”

This follows on from my earlier post about reverse social networking which you can see here: http://zurmo.org/for...social-network/

The Perfect CRM is also a reverse social network

08 February 2012 - 01:28 PM

I was reading an interesting article yesterday that discussed failings of traditional CRM systems, it raised some good points but one in particular that I liked which was the idea of the perfect CRM also being a reverse social network.

This means it tracks not who you know, but rather who knows you. Each contact screen would show not just your firm’s responsible party (assigned user), but who else in your company knows this contact and what their interactions with this person were.

For example, your screen on Skanska would tell you who in your organization has contacts at Skanska, and what interactions they have had with those contacts. I expect this information will be available in the crm but I wonder how it will be presented to the user to make it intuitive.

What i mean by intuitive is, does the display encourage/prompt/guide the user to make use of the information they see on screen or is the responsibility on them to dig in and find it? I agree that this is often a barrier in user adoption so it would be nice to tackle this early.