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Posted 06 June 2014 - 04:55 PM

Gack! Just hit this one...

Seriously guys, there is no excuse for not being able to delete a user. Some programming problems truly are just "hard", but that doesn't mean they should be avoided. I've been writing code for 25+ years, and you and I both know that it's embarrassing when you have to defend software decisions like this.

I completely understand that users can have relationships to other objects, including leads, contacts, projects, tasks, conversations, missions, etc. In the case of leads, contacts and opportunities, those should be reassigned to someone else. I'm presuming the audit log and historical references are static (i.e., not a database key into other tables), and as such, those can just remain that way. But the base object (lead, etc) should be allowed to be reassigned to another user. You can make this part of the delete function.

I'm on the fence about projects and tasks. Projects should probably also be reassigned. Tasks maybe leave as static data to a deleted user.

Things like conversations and missions, maybe leave those as static data as well.

I'd be fine requiring the admin to remove users from groups, roles and managers before a delete could occur.

I'd like the first thing the delete function to do is list what I might want to clean up. Like, this user has 24 leads, 2 opportunities, 3 projects and 14 conversations. Or something like that. At least then I know what to clean up. Clicking on the lead count should put me in the lead mass update screen for those records. Same for opportunities, contacts, etc.

If the team just doesn't have time to do this the RIGHT way, then at a very minimum, create some generic "(deleted user)" record, and automatically assign all objects to that user. And then make sure the admin knows this will happen. And THEN allow it.

Take a look at other social products out there (in particular, Jive and Socialcast, but also ones like MangoApps and Sugar), and see how they're doing it. In the cases where you lose contextual information, and it doesn't make sense to reassign it, then those products leave the static data in place and STILL allow the delete.

I fully "get it" that this is a hard programming task. I also hear the very strong words of the vocal few below who are telling you that this makes Zurmo look like a second class product, simply because you can't do this right now. It's time to go back and clean up some of that technical debt and fix this.

And yes, I'm probably willing to put my money where my mouth is, by helping out here. I'll go look at how to get involved in the development effort (assuming you're allowing that).


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