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#8203 Remember Column Selection

Posted by todd.harrison on 23 August 2013 - 10:55 AM

I would tend to agree with Darren on this one.


At the moment, I am going in and setting up saved searches for all of our sales reps across the entire group of companies that we use Zurmo for.


At the moment, this is 'just' a major inconvenience.  As our company grows, this simply does not and will not scale.


Does anyone know if a 'set default columns' option will ever be considered?


Thanks in advance for the advice and/or info.



#8182 Multiple Accounts for Contacts

Posted by todd.harrison on 22 August 2013 - 12:06 PM

EDIT:  Ooops, I didn't see the second page of this with a link to the tracking doc.  :)  Sorry!  But I notice that it's put in for development for a MANY_MANY relationship between contacts and accounts...  does this preclude associations between accounts?


My original post below:


I've been following this thread recently, and have to voice my interest in this exact same feature request.


We have the following situations:


1)  A company which uses our service has that service paid for by an external sponsor.  We need a way to link the end user of our service with the company who has paid for this service.  Both of these entities are entered into Zurmo as accounts.


2)  Most companies using our service are members of other organisations whom we have strategic relationships with.  We need a way to link those accounts together as well.


We're pretty flexible on how we set this up, but the basic functionality seems to be fairly necessary for what seems to be a significant portion of Zurmo users.


Does anyone know if there's been a decision made on this by the devs, and if so, what that decision is?


Thanks again,